Home Business Uni Magnetic Industrial: the automated expert in filtration system
Uni Magnetic Industrial: the automated expert in filtration system

Uni Magnetic Industrial: the automated expert in filtration system


Uni Magnetic has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing industrial filtration systems. The major equipment that Uni Magnetic produces are centrifuge, magnetic separator, magnetic roller conveyor and candle filters – the company is presently involved in greater innovative products. Ms. Lin remarked that their products are widely sold to different industries because the filtration systems can achieve very high precision in machining. Moreover, the company has improved the issue of waste production as their filter elements are all sustainable for at least three years. This move fundamentally increased the efficiency in manufacturing and solved environmental issues by cutting waste materials. Given the high capacity, Uni Magnetic’s equipment is being heavily facilitated in the field of automobile and fields that need high precision in machining and finishing – such as glass manufacturing, surface manufacturing and smartphone panel manufacturing. A major multinational company such as GE has also been attracted by Uni Magnetic’s equipment.

Achieving unmanned factory, a step closer to smart factory

Regarding the smart manufacturing theme that TIMTOS 2017 highlights, Ms. Lin told us that the company has been putting a lot of efforts in realizing unmanned filtration systems. They have added in control, examination and testing devices to their machines and ensure the filtration systems operate smoothly without human intervention. “The goal is to create a series of intelligent system that could be easily combined with machine tools and start machining without any problems”, said Ms. Lin. She believes that the future of filtration systems would be in a great degree of collaboration with machine tools. She therefore is optimistic about any potential cooperation with other machinery manufacturers.

For the market plan of 2017, Uni Magnetic will carefully assess the uncertain factors generated by the U.S. and Europe’s political change and trade policies and plan out their best responses. In the meantime, they will consolidate their existing customers, while putting more resources in the Asia-Pacific region. She welcomes international guests to visit their booth at TIMTOS and have a close look at their automation filtration systems.




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