Home INTERVIEW India is a huge market for high-end machines
India is a huge market for high-end machines

India is a huge market for high-end machines


Two decades of experience and the vision towards creating a niche has transformed Macpower CNC Machines Pvt Ltd into India’s fastest growing CNC machine manufacturing company. This meteoric growth is a result of Macpower’s vision par excellence to manufacture state-of-the-art products by adopting the best in technology. In 2003, Macpower was started at Metoda GIDC in Rajkot to successfully target the technology driven customers. Currently, company provides the wide gamut of products with its advanced CNC machine series. Macpower, an ISO 9001 (Design) company, symbolises professionalism, capability and commitment to customer service, earned through independent analysis of company’s qualified management systems.


The company is well equipped with the latest infrastructure and equipment, well-qualified skilled intellectual capital to support the manufacturing of high technology driven machines that withstand any amount of pressure. A well-facilitated design and R&D department, which uses ProE 3D, CAD software and FE Analysis, enables a continuous study of the customer feedback and related technology to make the necessary upgradations.



“In India, there is import substitute for high end machines. Almost 70% of machine consumption in India is imported from global players. There is a big market for such machines in the country, but very few companies in India are manufacturing these machines. If manufactured in India, these machines can be sold for 30-40% less cost than the similar machines manufactured by the companies in Germany, Japan and other countries,” the Chairman and Managing Director of Macpower CNC, Mr Rupesh Mehta said while speaking to CNCTimes during IMTEX 2015.

He added that factors such as less currency value, high transportation and labour costs are proving hindrance for machine manufacturers in India. Macpower CNC, with over 400 employees, has been manufacturing high quality VMCs, HMCs, VTLs and grinding machines at its Rajkot plant. The company launched MHX630 HMC, 5-axis twin spindle turning machine and 5-axis VMC. It also started automation facility recently and at IMTEX, launched two robots for loading and unloading of material.

“Our sole purpose behind participating in IMTEX was to make Macpower as a solid brand name. With a huge basket of 12 different types of machines besides robots, we wanted to display our prowess to come up with quality machining solutions,” Mr Mehta said adding, the company has 22 offices of its own across India to carry out sales, service and application functions and cater to the various industries


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