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If the publisher doesn’t know who the title is going to, how can you?

We know who our readers are.

Not all magazine circulations are the same – even if claimed reader numbers look similar. And not all readers are the same. For your marketing message to work effectively, it has to reach those individuals who can influence a company’s investment decisions, specify what’s required, select the potential suppliers or sign off
purchase orders.
In some organisations, that might all come down to one person; in another, it could be a whole team. Either way, publishers need to know in order to reach the right people, so that your marketing is as effective as possible.

Only a structured, thorough and continuous investment in circulation research enables a publisher to identify appropriate readers precisely. Machine99 does target its readers precisely

Machine99’s circulation defines the world’s machine tool buying universe. As a result, your marketing reaches the right people. No wasted effort, no time-wasters. No false claims.